How to Add Friends on Discord

How to Add Friends on Discord

Discord allows you to communicate with other people in two ways: servers, which are intended for entire communities, and direct messages (DMs), which are meant for one-on-one chatting or tiny groups. If you want to send DMs to another person on Discord, you may need to add them as a Discord friend. After adding a friend, you’ll also be able to see their status and whether they’re playing a game in the Discord dashboard.

This guide includes screenshots from the computer version of Discord, but the process is nearly identical on the mobile apps and web version.

Method 1: Add a Friend From Their Username

If someone you know has sent you their Discord username and four-digit disambugation code (together known as their Discord Tag), you’ll be able to send them a friend request directly from the Discord dashboard.

Start by opening Discord and navigating to the Home section, like in the following screenshot. Click Friends.

add friends discord

At the top of the Friends section, click the Add Friends button.

adding friends on discord

Type their Discord Tag in this format: username#1234, where username represents their username and the four numbers are their disambugation code. You can’t simply type their username since there may be multiple Discord users with that username.

After making sure that the Discord Tag you typed is correct, click Send Friend Request. The other user will receive a notification and have the option to accept the friend request.

Method 2: Add a Friend If You Share a Server

If you would like to add another user on a Discord server as a friend, you can request to become their friend directly from the server. First, find the user’s nickname and profile picture in the list of users on the right side within the server. In this example, I’ll be sending a friend request to the user nicknamed “:((“.

Right click on their name to bring up a menu with a variety of options relating to that user.

send a friend request on discord

Click the Profile option to bring up that user’s profile page. Once you have, click the Send Friend Request button. As with adding the user directly from their username, the user will receive a notification allowing them to accept or deny your request.


Adding Discord friends is useful for a variety of reasons: viewing the status of others, easily sending direct messages, creating group DMs, and inviting friends to new servers. Adding friends on Discord can easily be done through servers or with the user’s Discord Tag depending on whether you share a server with the user in question.

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