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Top 5 Best Spice Grinders in 2020 Review

Spice grinders are an easy way to help grind spices. However, before some time, mortar and pestle were used to prepare ingredients by crushing and grinding them in the form of powder or thick paste. When spice grinders took their turn in this modern time, people stop using mortar and pestle but instead start looking over for the best spice grinders.

People use spice grinders because they can effortlessly, without wasting time, can get theirspices made quickly. However, it enhances the taste, flavor and provides proper mixing of substances with one another. Also, the grinders have large and sharp blades that can easily granulate the substance in a proper manner and at a faster pace.

There is a wide variety of spice grinders in the market that can puzzle your mind any minute. It completely depends on you whether you lay hands over the best or the normal quality spice grinders. You must keep in your mind the factor that is the most highlighted and that can give you good value for the money you spend.

Here are the top 5 spice grinders reviews that can help you get an idea of your best choice.

Main Features

The Pure copper motor of about 200 watts, grinder attachment, chopper attachment, safe lid for proper grinding and chopping, SS304 grinding bowl & blades and SS201 body.

The motor is the outer covering of the grinder that prevents the loss of heat and protect the grinder from getting overheated, however, it is about 200 watts, which might cause you little but for a really short time. Also, it has the grinder attached to it that collects the crushed material into it like coffee, beans, nuts, seeds, spices, rice, and much more.

Moreover, a chopper attachment helps to chop the complex substances into simple forms like carrots, chilies, herbs, garlic, and much more. The grinding bowls and sharp blades maintain the quality of this electric grinder by also having a safe switch lid that seeks the protection for the grinding process to be carried on at any time.

Why to buy this: It has great quality and covers all the necessary features. It has increased durability and also it can be used for multiple tasks like for crushing coffee, pepper, grain, salt, spice and granulate them into powder form. It is one of the best spice grinders that comprises stainless steel which cannot be damaged and is easy to clean.

How much it cost: It costs about $27.99 and is relatively inexpensive than the other spice grinders. Also, it has a 1-year warranty. It is worth-purchasing as it meets all the unique and catchy features. You can easily take it anywhere as it is very small and not at all heavy. Although, it consumes your power supply but works very quickly and saves plenty of time.

Our opinion: This spice grinder is reasonable at cost. Also, it is reliable to use with all the good features covering the whole product. We are pleased to recommend it to all the people who want to buy the best among all the other products.


  • Easy to use
  • Good for portable use
  • The grinding is very fine
  • The machine is not noisy


  • It is small in size
  • It takes about several rounds in grinding
  • When some other ingredients are added, the smell and taste might mix up with the actual substance

SHARDOR Coffee & Spice Grinders Electric

Main Features

A sharp blade, multi-functional grinder, safe locking, seal ring, removable bowl having a large capacity to collect the crushed substance.

It has a sharp blade of stainless steel which is of good quality that can grind the beans, spices, seeds into a particle size uniformly. Also, it has 2 blades in the grinding bowl for crushing the coffee beans and spices. While, it also has a chopping bowl comprising of 4 blades for large materials like vegetables, garlic, chilies, and carrots.

SHARDOR coffee and spice grinder also providing you with a safe locking that can be conveniently used. When you want to take the bowl out, move it anti-clockwise, and move it clockwise to lock it without fail. The removable bowl is having a maximum capacity of about 70 kg that can hold a wide amount of pulverized substance. Moreover, the seal ring is placed above the bowl tightly to prevent the splashing of coffee and spice powder.

Why to buy this: It is a small kitchen appliance that won’t take much of the space of your occupied kitchen. It is not at all time-consuming and can get you the crushed spices and coffee powder in less than 20 seconds. It maintains the flavor in all its mixing and grinding and will get you satisfied by all its features. The removable bowl can easily be cleaned, the motor and the steel blade increase its pace for proper and quick grinding.

How much it cost: It is the number 1 bestseller that costs about $35.95. It will not affect your budget but seems to be a good choice of your interest. It offers good results for your liking and good strength to overcome any damage.

Our opinion: The product seems to serve all the requirements that are needed by any user. It offers both wet and dry grinding that makes it unique among all the other products.


  • Easy cleaning by rinsing it with water
  • It is easily handled
  • A good kitchen tool
  • Cooking seems simple


  • The lid design is not tight
  • The texture of the machine is plastic
  • The blades are not sharp but weak and thin

Secura Electric Coffee Grinder and Spice Grinder

Main Features:

A removable bowl and lid, sharp blades, stainless steel, and powerful motor.

Secura electric spice and coffee grinder has a removable bowl and lid that ensures proper cleaning and washing. The sharp blades perform the mashing of ingredients into very fine particles. There are two stainless steel bowls, that is one grinder and the other chopper bowl. The grinder bowl grinds the beans of coffee, spices, and the chopper bowl works to chop hard substances like nuts and vegetables. 

It also has hard steel covering that protects from overheating which extends the longevity of the motor. The lock and lids are properly tightened and provide safety. The flavors are not at all affected also it takes about 4 seconds to crush the ingredients into powdered form. 

Why to buy this: This grinder when compared to the food processor has different functions. It is used for small items like cinnamon and also used for making ginger garlic paste for curries. The grinding is done evenly and sharply and does not make any noise. It is a reliable product that must be run at specific intervals as it is not a mixer or a blender.

How much it cost: The cost is about $34.99 which does not seem to be expensive. However, it has various functions that enhanced its durability and reliability. It has a warranty of about 2-year and is a well-manufactured product.

Our opinion: The overall performance of this grinder is good. All the features obey all the particular functions that have increased the people’s demand for purchasing. It is quite impressive and is small enough that you can carry it with yourself.


  • The blades do not cause any injury
  • The prepared ingredients are fresh than the jars in the grocery store
  • It makes flax seeds
  • It is easy to clean
  • The tight-fitting lid prevents the spilling of beans


  • The power is very high
  • It creates a mess
  • The base is made up of plastic, can easily get broken

Coffee Grinder Electric LINK Chef Nut & Spice Grinder

Main Features:

250-watt motor, BPA-free lid, 304 stainless steel blade & bowl, and security switch.

It has a powerful grinding ability because of its high power 250-watt motor. The motor helps in grinding different kinds of nuts, spices, coffee beans, seeds, herbs, and much more. It is made up of 304 stainless steel, the bowl is removable and it can be washed and cleansed with water. It is also having a detachable design which makes it easy for a user to operate the product effortlessly.

However, it has a large capacity of a maximum of 60g that can withhold a large amount of coffee and provide 12 cups of coffee at each grinding. By not covering the grinder with the outer lid which is the security switch, the grinder cannot work.  The lid is basically protecting the blended mixture from splashing out of the grinder.

Why to buy this: It has an amazing design that can catch anyone’s eye. It is a small nut and spice grinder which is the best kitchen tool. It is portable and easy to carry from one place to another. Because of the metal design, the product seems to look advanced and more reliable. It has an electric wire storage function that does not create any mess but gives a simple look in the kitchen.

How much it cost: The cost of this grinder is $25.99 which is very cheap. However, the quality of the grinder is perfect with all the features occupying it. It is user-friendly, you can run it 24/7 and it also has a 36-months warranty.

Our opinion: The features of this grinder show its stability and reliability which makes it look fine. Also, the price is not too high when compared with other spice grinders. You can consider it and purchase it as your best choice.


  • An extra blade
  • Two little brushes for cleaning
  • The taste remains the same
  • An outstanding quality


  • It’s a little loud
  • The smell of different spices remains on the plastic
  • It is also messy

Secure Automatic Coffee Grinder and Spice Grinder with 2.5 Ounce capacity

Main Features:

A grinder bowl, grinder base, power cord, cover interlock mechanism, and clean top cover.

The 2.5 ounce of coffee and spice grinder comprises a grinder bowl that can collect the powdered substance. It is used for grinding different spices and coffee beans. It has a clean outer cover that prevents the beans, the prepared substance from spilling out of the bowl. As a result, it creates less mess. It has enhanced durability

It has a DC motor of about 200 watts, and maximum capacity is about 70g which can serve up to 12 cups at each grinding process. It also has a built-in heat sensor, as a result, the product will not get overheated. The lid works as a proper security tool and is attached to the bowl.

Why to buy this: By using this grinder, you can get all the nuts and spices be ready in seconds. The capacity is comparatively large than the other products. You will get the perfect aroma and the texture of the coffee.

How much it cost: It costs about $26.99 which shows that it is least expensive and is easy to buy within the limits of your budget.

Our opinion: The cost is fair enough as it consists of all the good features. It is also easy to use and is portable, can be taken anywhere.


  • The grinding is perfect
  • Easy to measure out your coffee
  • Easy to handle


  • Noisy
  • The plastic cover must not have the locking mechanism


All the products are considered to be of the best quality as they have higher ratings and excellent reviews. They consist of all the special features that have raised the reliability and durability of the products. You must certainly know about all the features and the cost before you go to the market. They have been the products of the best brands and are not cost-effective.

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