The Best Headphones Under $300

The Best Headphones Under $300 in 2020

Can you imagine a world without headphones? We can’t either. Headphones are an incredible way to experience the greatest level of produced audio without interruption from the outside world.

Are you searching for the best audiophile headphones to make sure you hear the most subtle notes in your favorite music? Or maybe you’re a gamer looking for headphones that provide a perfect, crisp sound so you can hear that enemy creeping up behind you?

If so, you’ll love our list of the best headphones under $300. You’re done picking up a pair of headphones for $30 since the audio always ends up being low-quality and they usually probably break within months. Now, you’re ready to upgrade to a real pair of headphones that will not only give you an amazing sound experience, but they’ll last for years.

Whether you’re looking for the best over ear headphones under $300, or you’re wanting the best audiophile headphones, there’s no need to look any further. We’ve taken the time to review the best headphones under $300 in terms of quality, performance, and durability so you don’t have to.

Let’s dive right in.

Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II - Black

Main Features

Bose is no stranger to the sound industry. Audiophiles and casual listeners recognize the brand as one of the top speaker and headphone creators in the world today. Their Bose SoundLink II Around Ear Wireless Headphones are one of the best over ear headphones for under $300 in 2019. They have a closed back design with extremely comfortable padding.

The SoundLink II Headphones have a number of buttons on the cup allowing you to easily switch between two compatible devices among other controls.

They have great sound quality, rich bass, and are a great pair of wireless headphones overall.

Why Buy It: If you need a solid pair of headphones for casual listening throughout the day, then these headphones are a great deal. They come with an awesome battery life of 15 hours, so you won’t have to worry about them dying on you. The sound quality is impressive, and you can switch between music and calls easily.

How Much it Costs: At $179, they’re a great deal. Considering the ease of use, the controls, and the quality of sound, there aren’t many headphones that can go head to head with these for the same price. 

What We Think of it: You can use them for most of the day without them dying. They’re comfortable. You can take calls on them with the microphone. They’re foldable, you can stack them away in the included carry case. Overall, they’re a great pair of headphones. They aren’t the best headphones for gamers, but they’re great for casual listening throughout the day.


  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable around ear
  • Great wireless connection
  • Switch between 2 devices easily
  • 15-hour battery


  • Expensive compared to others of similar quality
  • Not the best for gamers

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones - Wireless Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancellation

Main Features

Sony is no stranger to the music industry. They’ve led the pack as one of the best creators of quality sound systems speakers, and of course, headphones. They created this pair of headphones, the Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones to solve a big problem with most headphones: outside noise.

The unique feature in these headphones is Sony’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation technology.

The headphones analyze external noise and make sound setting adjustments to give you the perfect sound at every moment.

Why Buy It: If you want absolute clarity, peace, and no outside distractions when you’re listening to music or gaming, then you’ll love these headphones. The built-in microphone can also be used with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Plus, you get 30 hours of playback per charge, which is incredible.

How Much it Costs: For $278, they’re definitely not cheap. On the higher end of our list, these headphones offer supreme sound quality, comfort, and a one of a kind experience in the noise cancellation technology.

What We Think of it: Sony did an amazing job with these headphones. They’re a bit more expensive than most on our list, but for good reason. You really feel like you’re in another world with these on.


  • Amazing sound clarity
  • Award-winning noise cancellation
  • Quality microphone
  • Compatible with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
  • 30-hour playback per charge


  • More expensive than others on our list

Sennheiser HD 599 SE Around Ear Open Back Headphones

Main Features

Sennheiser put its name on the map back in 1960 with its original MD421 microphone. Fast forward nearly 60 years and they’re still making quality microphones, especially in their headphones. The Sennheiser HD 599 SE Around Ear Open Back Headphones are our favorite budget-friendly headphones.

It’s a great all-around home entertainment headphone. 

Made for easy listening, the HD 599 is comfortable, produces great sound, and is a great introduction into the world of audiophile sound. While they aren’t wireless, they still produce high-quality sound.

Why Buy It: If you want to make your entry into the audiophile world, then these Sennheiser headphones are a great starting point. They’re perfect open back headphones designed for easy listening or watching movies at home.

How Much it Costs: For $99.95, they’re the best headphones for your budget on our list. They aren’t the best of the best. But they’re some of the best headphones under $300.

What We Think of it: For under $100, they’re great. They’re a great open back, around ear headphone for easy listening in the home. They don’t come with a microphone, however, which is one drawback. However, for a single benjamin, they’re a great deal.


  • Best budget headphones
  • Great value


  • No microphone
  • Not the best sound quality

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm Over-Ear Audiophile Studio Headphones, Ideal for Mixing in The Studio

Main Features

The Beyerdynamic DT 770s are an incredibly comfortable set of wired headphones for home audiophiles and budding musicians. The velour padding is extremely comfortable, making it a nice bonus, especially for those with glasses (other headphones can make an annoying squeaking sound against your glasses when you move your head).

Why Buy It: If you’re a musician, or just love listening to music at home and want a good pair of wired headphones, these might be your best choice. They’re one of the best headphones under $300 in terms of comfort. If you can’t stand the thought of a bulky, clunky, uncomfortable headphones, then look no further. When you put these on, they’re so comfy, it feels like they’re not even there.

How Much it Costs: At $159.28, they’re a reasonably priced set of hi-fi headphones for under 300 dollars. You can use them for mixing in the studio, or for some casual listening at home. If comfort is a top priority for you, then you should seriously consider these headphones.

What We Think of it: Overall, the Beyerdynamic DT 770s are an incredibly comfortable pair of headphones for home use. Musicians and audiophiles alike will love them at home. On the road, not so much. They’re wired and have an incredibly long cord which can make it awkward to navigate when you’re on the train or bus.


  • Great quality sound
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable
  • Swappable ear pads


  • Very long cable
  • A bit bulky
  • Not very portable

Thinksound Supra-Aural On-Ear Monitor Wooden Headphone

Main Features

Thinksound Supra-Aural On-Ear Monitor Wooden Headphones are an impressive set of mid-tier headphones for home audiophiles. At first sight, they have a gorgeous wooden design. And when you try them on, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the comfort level they provide. They’re very ergonomic and lightweight.

Thinksound’s claim to fame with these headphones is their award-winning Thinksound signature acoustics. These headphones sound amazing.

They created them to be studio monitor headphones which carry a clear, crisp sound, and negate any outside noise.

Why Buy It: If you’re a fan of eco-friendly products, and you want an incredible set of headphones that produce hi-fi, audiophile sound, then you’ll love these headphones. They’re made with recycled materials, they’re stylish, and they produce an award-winning sound.

How Much it Costs: At $210, they’re a great mid-tier set of wired headphones. The sound they provide is worth the money, and the aesthetics are a nice bonus. If you want a bit of added comfort, these headphones are a good choice since they’re so light.

What We Think of it: The Thinksound headphones produce a great sound, look awesome, and are very comfortable. The only downside is there is a bit of distortion when you hit super low bass levels, but this won’t make a difference to most listeners, even for audiophiles. Overall, they’re a great set of lightweight, wired headphones for home use.


  • Lightweight
  • Great wooden design
  • Award-winning Thinksound signature acoustics


  • Cable fabric covering is noisy
  • Lowest bass has minor distortion

Ghostek soDrop Pro Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Hi-Fi Stereo Crystal Clear Sound

Main Features

If you want headphones with a superior design and produce incredible hi-fi sound, then these might be the best audiophile headphones for you. The Ghostek soDrop Pro Wireless Headphones are recognizable from a mile away. They have a one-of-a-kind design that’s sure to turn heads.

More importantly than the beautiful design is the fact that these Bluetooth headphones produce incredible noise-canceling sound.

The Ghostek soDrop Pro Headphones feature built-in bi-directional noise reduction, so you won’t get any outside distractions. 

Why Buy It: If you want a solid pair of headphones that are great at home or on the road, then you’ll love them. They have impressive high fidelity sound and great noise reduction. Plus, they have a completely unique, modern design so you won’t lose them easily.

How Much it Costs: It’s a steal of a deal. For $144.98, these headphones are definitely underpriced. They offer the same level of hi-fi audio as headphones in the $300 range while offering an incredible design.

What We Think of it: They offer a luxury design, they’re wireless, they produce an audiophile hi-fi sound, and they have a good microphone for taking calls or gaming. Overall, this set of headphones is versatile for almost anyone.


  • Comfortable Fit
  • Great audiophile sound
  • 1-year exchange warranty
  • Great for gaming


  • Shorter battery life

Monolith M1060 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones - Comfort Ear Pads For Studio/Professional

Main Features

The Monolith M1060 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones are our best over ear headphones under $300. In fact, they are probably our best headphones under $300 overall because of the sound quality they offer. If sound quality is the most important thing you’re after, and you want to get the best sound for under $300, then these are the right headphones for you.

These headphones could go head-to-head with other planar magnetic headphones in the $500-$1000 range for the level of hi-fi audio they produce.

Why Buy It: If you want to upgrade your current headphones, or simply enter into the world of high end audio, you won’t find a better deal than with the Monolith M1060s. The hi-fi sound, the durability, and the low price all combine for an amazing deal.

How Much it Costs: $299.99. They just pass under the $300 mark. But they are worth far more. If you want to get $500-$1000 headphones but only pay a fraction of the price, then you’ll love the Monolith M1060s.

What We Think of it: They produce amazing sound. The sound quality alone makes these headphones worth over $500. It’s the best bargain on our list. The one downside is the weight to the headphones. They’re pretty heavy. It can start to get uncomfortable after hours on end of non-stop listening. But the sound is worth it.


  • Incredible sound quality
  • Great value for money
  • Low power requirements
  • Deep, soft earpads


  • Heavy
  • More expensive than others on the list

How to Choose the Best Headphones: Recommendations

A great pair of headphones can make a huge difference when it comes to casual listening at home or on the road, gaming, or mixing a new track in the studio. Being able to enter the world of high end audio by slipping on a pair of headphones is an incredible experience.

It can be challenging trying to figure out where to start when shopping for a new set of headphones, especially when you’re spending 300 dollars. You want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth with headphones that will last for years.

Here are a few tips you need to remember when picking out the right set of headphones:

Noise Cancellation: Most headphones in the $300 range have the ability to cancel out any outside noise. Background noise can ruin a listening experience. It’s the one feature that you’ll want to consider having if you want to be able to hone in on the sound.

Wired vs. Wireless: This may not seem that crucial, but depending on how you’ll be using the headphones, this can be a major factor. If you’re going to just be using them at home or in the studio, then wired is totally fine. In fact, wired headphones don’t have connectivity or delays like some wireless headphones have. On the other hand, if you’ll be using them while commuting or walking, then wireless is much more convenient.

Comfort: An uncomfortable pair of headphones can ruin a listening experience. If you’ll be using your new headphones for hours on end, you need to seriously consider comfort as a major factor. Will they be too bulky, heavy, or hot? Make sure to read reviews to see what buyers are saying.

Battery Life: If you’re looking for wireless headphones, you can have all the bells and whistles, but if the battery is going to die on you partway through the day, then it doesn’t matter. Make sure you get a long battery life, especially if you’ll be commuting. Battery life can range from 5-40 hours.


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